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Management Training

Management University 101—In order to be a successful manager, one must be able to effectively manage time, stress, emotions and reactions to difficult situations. This class will discuss the difference between a 'manager' and a 'leader-manager' as well as explore effective ways to 'self manage' on a daily basis. Participants will learn coping mechanisms for dealing with the everyday challenges of property management. Topics include dealing with negativity in the workplace, handling the multiple demands of the job effectively, conflict and change management and how to be the best role model for employees

Management University 102—In the second class of the series, participants will learn how to effectively hold a meeting, how to prepare for meetings with supervisors and how to supervise difficult employees. Additional topics include goal setting for employees and self, business writing skills, writing job descriptions, how to identify the traits desired in employees before interviewing, and how to conduct an effective job interview.

Management University 103—The last class in the series involves two case studies and class discussion. The first case study discusses customer service and leads the class through a typical customer service issue on site. Groups of participants are then asked to plan their responses and share with the class. This will lead to a targeted discussion of customer service and how it is best applied in property management. The second case study involves dealing with a fictional difficult employee. The groups are asked to review the topics discussed in previous classes and create an action plan to share with the class. Final discussion will involve maintaining a 'fresh eye' approach to managing the community and skills to ensure one is always open to and actively promoting new ideas.

How to Recruit, Interview & Keep the Right Employee—In Property Management, all too often we hire the first available person rather than the best candidate for the job. This class discusses effective recruitment techniques, interview do's and don'ts and how to keep employees through proper orientation and training.

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Excerpt - MMHA surveys conducted after Management University training