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Mystery Shopping

Creative Marketing Concepts has teamed up with the best mystery shopping company servicing the property management industry, Remington Evaluations.

Remington Evaluations is a family-owned mystery shopping company specializing in the apartment industry. For years we have been working closely with our clients to develop our mystery shopping reports. Remington Evaluations gathers detailed information through Mystery Shopping services by performing on-site evaluations for rental properties, apartment associations, senior housing, assisted living facilities, and new-home sales offices.

Telephone Evaluations- Are your sales consultants applying proper telephone etiquette?
Recorded Telephone Evaluations- This enables you to hear exactly what our shopper heard.
Internet shops
Customer Service Evaluations- Are your sales consultants professional and courteous to your customers?
Integrity Evaluations- Are your sales consultants adhering to your policies and procedures?
Sales Technique Evaluations- Do your sales consultants make a solid effort to close the sale effectively? Are they asking the right questions? Are they overcoming objections?
Facility Evaluations- How competitive is your property? Does it need repair? Does your property have "curb appeal"?
Discrimination Evaluations- Are your sales consultants following the policies and procedures set forth by the Fair Housing Act? Are they discriminating against customers based on race, gender, or ethnic group?
Competitor Shopping- How do you stack up to your nearest competitors? What services are you providing that place you at the head of the competition?

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