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Training Catalog

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Leasing School—Learn all aspects of the leasing process including how to handle internet inquiries and how to follow up on a prospect's interest. This program involves role playing and demonstrations of how to effectively sell an apartment and close on interest. Topics include: (can be modified based on needs)

  • the housekeeping rules for handling phone inquiries
  • use of phone logs/guest cards
  • how to gather information on the phone
  • how to sell effectively and efficiently
  • the power of using impact words
  • the importance of listening effectively
  • how to use the internet as a marketing tool
  • best practices for email communication
  • how to judge and maintain the best curb appeal
  • what makes a market ready apartment
  • use of the guest card for 'comfortable' information gathering
  • how to conduct an effective 'finger tour' to generate excitement
  • how to show the apartment safely
  • how to sell the apartment using benefits and features
  • how to handle groups and group tours
  • the 3 step process for overcoming objections
  • brainstorming using typical objections encountered
  • developing the closing mind set
  • the best, easiest close
  • when to stop selling
  • the best way to follow up and stay in contact
  • what to do when they say 'yes'
  • the secrets to capitalizing on 'new renter excitement'
  • creating a sense of community

  • Leasing 2.0—when a Leasing Consultant has mastered the basics, it is time to take the skill set to a new level. This workshop will help attendees overcome any hurdles they are experiencing on site, brainstorm new marketing and outreach techniques and take leasing skills to the next level.

    Drill Down Classes—if there is a particular leasing skill that needs focus, our drill down classes are a perfect answer. Our Phone Drill Down and Closing Drill Down programs have helped countless leasing professionals get back on track to generating traffic and leases.

    Fair Housing-
    Fair Housing for Property Management Professionals—learn about the Fair Housing laws, how they impact property management and how to still do a great job on site and remain in compliance.

    Fair Housing for Maintenance—maintenance engineers and porters are some of the most visible employees on site. As such, they are often unwittingly placed in Fair Housing jeopardy. This class helps maintenance and site support staff understand the laws and how they should respond to loaded questions.

    Customer Service-
    Customer Service on a Platter—learn how to deliver top notch customer service and increase customer satisfaction through this innovative program. Designed specifically for the property management industry, this class discusses the challenges faced daily by site staff and how to create a customer friendly environment that welcomes new residents and reduces turnover.

    Team Building—Discuss the elements of a great team and how to create one in the office. This program involves personal and team assessments as well as interactive exercises.

    Time & Stress Management—The information age has accelerated the pace of business. Unfortunately the increased pace can often lead to additional stress in the work place, especially in Property Management. Through discussion and demonstration of several time management tricks and tools that have worked in Property Management, participants in this seminar will explore ways to better manage time and work in order to help minimize stress on the job. Attendees will also learn to recognize their individual stressors as well as ways to address and reduce on the job stress.

    Listening & Communicating Effectively—One of the cornerstones of successful sales is the ability to listen and communicate effectively. Through the use of simple exercises and assessment tools, participants will see the importance of these skills and learn ways to increase sales, promote more efficient work patterns and avoid misunderstandings through better communication.

    Social Media for Property Management—Explore ways to use the internet and social media to drive traffic, capture leases and retain residents. Attendees will learn about the latest tricks and free tools available today.

    Marketing and Leasing Tax Credit Communities—Discover ways to generate qualified leads through strategic marketing and outreach. Learn the secrets behind successful lease ups of tax credit communities and how to maintain high occupancy.

    Jumping The Generation Gaps—Participants in this class will learn specific characteristics of each generation, how to appeal to them, and how to effectively engage customers and co-workers. Attendees will leave with the skills needed to identify generational challenges, breakthrough stereotypes and create a successful marketing and working environment.

    Management University 101—In order to be a successful manager, one must be able to effectively manage time, stress, emotions and reactions to difficult situations. This class will discuss the difference between a 'manager' and a 'leader-manager' as well as explore effective ways to 'self manage' on a daily basis. Participants will learn coping mechanisms for dealing with the everyday challenges of property management. Topics include dealing with negativity in the workplace, handling the multiple demands of the job effectively, conflict and change management and how to be the best role model for employees

    Management University 102—In the second class of the series, participants will learn how to effectively hold a meeting, how to prepare for meetings with supervisors and how to supervise difficult employees. Additional topics include goal setting for employees and self, business writing skills, writing job descriptions, how to identify the traits desired in employees before interviewing, and how to conduct an effective job interview.

    Management University 103—The last class in the series involves two case studies and class discussion. The first case study discusses customer service and leads the class through a typical customer service issue on site. Groups of participants are then asked to plan their responses and share with the class. This will lead to a targeted discussion of customer service and how it is best applied in property management. The second case study involves dealing with a fictional difficult employee. The groups are asked to review the topics discussed in previous classes and create an action plan to share with the class. Final discussion will involve maintaining a 'fresh eye' approach to managing the community and skills to ensure one is always open to and actively promoting new ideas.

    How to Recruit, Interview & Keep the Right Employee—In Property Management, all too often we hire the first available person rather than the best candidate for the job. This class discusses effective recruitment techniques, interview do's and don'ts and how to keep employees through proper orientation and training.