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The History of Creative Marketing Concepts.

Our history is one filled with great friends who helped us, hard work and a fair amount of being in the right place at the right time
  • Prior to1990

    It All Began With Marci Brand

    - Marci Brand was the Vice President of Residential Marketing for CFM Management Services (multifamily portfolio).

    - Chris Melson (President, CFM Management Services) sketched out a business plan to become partners with Marci to outsource her marketing expertise upon learning that the CFM rental portfolio was going to be eliminated.

  • 1990

    The Beginning

    - September 1990, Creative Marketing Concepts, Inc. was founded as an independent marketing company. The first client was CFM.

    - CMC's shopping services were born with the help of Arnie Applebaum (former Apartment Shopper's Guide publisher).

    - Marci bought out her partners in 1992 to operate the company on her own terms. She and Linda became the self-proclaimed "Laverne & Shirley of marketing"!

    - Some of their first consulting clients were Sammy Totah (owner of Cascade at Landmark), CFM, and Dreyfuss Management.

    Linda Silva

    - In May 1991, Linda Silva became the VP of the Creative Marketing Concepts.

  • 1995

    The Early Years

    - John Potvin of Equity Management met Marci at a roundtable event and inquired about a long-term client relationship to provide consulting and marketing services for his company. 20 years later, CMC is still the marketing department for Equity Management!

    - Marci and Linda met Walt Donaldson when he worked at Dreyfuss Management. He left Dreyfuss and started The Donaldson Group. He called Marci because he needed a marketing department for his new company. 20 years later, CMC is still the marketing department for The Donaldson Group!

    - Julie Smith, Bozzuto, encouraged Marci to do leasing training. The Leasing School was born and their first training classes were held at Bozzuto's main office.

    - The Leasing School was a huge success and was expanded to Virginia and Maryland locations. Carole Worley, who was then working for Springhill Lake Apartments provided the clubhouse and model apartments for use by The Leasing School and consistently sent her company's employees for training.

    - Fair Housing training was born! Richard Luchs, Esq. and Marci met at Polinger while doing Fair Housing training. Marci was brought on to teach about fair housing compliance and he taught about the fair housing laws. They both provided Fair Housing training to the Bernstein Management team which they continue to conduct today.

  • 2000

    And We Continued To Grow

    - Marci and Linda met Chad Hill when he worked at Dreyfuss. He switched jobs to become the VP at Horning Brothers and called Marci to work as their marketing department. 20 years later, CMC is still the marketing department for Horning Brothers!

    - DARO Management- David Meit, former President of DARO, contacted Marci so that CMC could become the marketing department for DARO. He then asked CMC to act as a marketing department for Oculus Realty, a company he started in 2010.

    - Designing women! Kristin Troncoso (Elliott) began working with the company in January 2003 and became instrumental in developing the graphics department. The graphics department now works with clients on a national basis.

    Nikki Melvin

    - In November 2001, Nikki Melvin (James) began working with the company. She has held several positions throughout the years and is now Vice President Marketing.

  • 2005

    Designing Websites

    - David Roodberg joined Horning Brothers as the President and gave CMC the opportunity to design websites for HB's properties. CMC's web department now designs websites and other online products for clients nationally.

    Jenae Stroud

    - In November 2005, Jenae Stroud (Henderson) began working with the company as the web designer.

    Maria McGovern

    - In May 2007, Maria McGovern began working with the company as the graphic designer.

  • 2010

    We Celebrate 20 Years

    - The CMC team saw an area of need with our clientele- a lack of high-end professional photos and mini models to better showcase their apartments on ILS' and in print. So, we came up with the solution (we're always doing that!) to offer professional photography and mini model services ourselves! Add to that an ever-growing demand for our training services to clients outside of the DC Metro area, we decided to expand our traditional in-person training to include webinars for online training and workshops.

    Dolores Anderson

    - In April 2014, Dolores Anderson began working with the company as the assistant director of marketing.

  • 2015

    25 Years Later

    Creative Marketing Concepts has been fortunate to have worked with some of today's brightest leaders in the multifamily industry, and to have grown with companies to create long-term professional relationships for decades. We are grateful for the opportunities we have been provided and the trust so many of our clients have placed in us.