Social Media Strategy & Marketing

Is your community on social media? Did you sign up for a few platform accounts and then sort of … forget? Creative Marketing Concepts saves you time and money by ensuring that the right people see the right content. We create fully integrated social media strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our content consists of well-crafted posts that your audience wants to see, click, and share.

Stay relevant with potential customers and fight vacancies with current residents by forging authentic relationships using specific social media marketing tactics.

Connect with potential customers in relevant and unique ways by creating long lasting relationships through the use of specific social media marketing tactics

Strategic Planning

Innovative scheduling software combined with our insightful strategic planning gets users and residents to see the best posts at the optimal time.

Featured Content

Want to win on social media? Keep your content relevant. Our expert team tailors different posts to different platforms.

Our Social Media services include

SMM Strategy

Bold ideas lead to successful outcomes. Our social media strategy is specifically catered to your community. We leave the cookie cutter social media posts to the other guys.

Content Ideation

Your social media presence is a huge part of your community’s voice and branding. Be memorable with impactful messaging and clever content that engages your target resident.

Scheduled Posts

We utilize the best scheduling software to optimize your posts, in terms of both audience and timing. That way you can maximize the reach of your curated content with minimal effort.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn