Customer Service Training

Digital marketing helps bring prospects through the door, but what happens once they get there? Make the decision process easy by offering top-notch customer experiences. Our innovative program is designed specifically for the property management industry. Implementing an effective customer service plan helps maximize your community’s value in several ways. We train your team to tackle day-to-day challenges with real solutions. We’ll also show you how to create an environment that makes prospects and residents want to stick around.

Our Customer Service Training services include

Team Building

Discover the elements of a successful team and how to create one in your office. This program involves personal and team assessments as well as interactive exercises. The impactful results from creating a strong team will quickly be reflected in your community’s customer experience.

Customer Service on a Platter

Our class teaches your team how to deliver top-notch customer service and increase customer satisfaction. Designed specifically for the property management industry, our experts discuss the daily challenges faced by site staff and show them how to create a customer-focused environment that welcomes new residents and reduces turnover.

Time & Stress Management

The information age has accelerated the pace of business and the property management industry is no exception. With extra stressors across the spectrum, this class aims to help employees reduce job stress and improve overall performance. Our property management tricks and tools allow participants to explore ways to better manage their time while learning to recognize their individual stressors. Armed with this knowledge, your team can operate in a happier, more efficient workplace.

Effective Listening and Communication

We teach your staff how to listen and communicate effectively—a cornerstone to implementing successful sales strategies. Using simple exercises and assessment tools, participants will discover the importance of these skills and learn ways to increase sales, promote more efficient work patterns, and avoid misunderstandings across the board through better communication.