Fair Housing Training

Compliance is a buzzword in just about every profession, and the multifamily industry is no exception. Fair housing laws help protect everyone—from prospective residents to corporations alike.

Since it’s important for everyone on-site to be knowledgeable in current fair housing laws, we provide training for both property management and maintenance professionals. The management team will learn about fair housing laws and how to market daily while remaining in compliance. The maintenance team is often placed in fair housing jeopardy, so their training will help them understand the laws and how to respond to certain questions even when fulfilling maintenance requests.

Loaded questions? Don’t worry—we’ll give you ample answers.

Be Prepared

Arm your team with the knowledge and experience they need to handle questions and concerns from residents.

A Fair Environment

Compliance isn’t scary, it’s just a necessary part of building the type of community where people want to live and work.

Our Fair Housing services include

Property Management

Learn about the most current fair housing laws and how they impact property management. We’ll guide you through each step, from how to do a great job on-site to remaining in compliance with all applicable laws.


Maintenance engineers and porters are some of the most visible on-site employees. Unfortunately, that also means they are often unwittingly placed in fair housing jeopardy. Our training helps to protect your maintenance team and site support staff, so they can understand the laws and learn how to respond to questions.